Where To Cut Costs For Your Wedding: The Do’s and Don’ts

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning? Are the expenses adding up? Trust us, we know the feeling! There is nothing more frustrating than over paying for something and not getting your money’s worth. We’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to cutting costs for your wedding - keep reading to read them all!


Décor Elements

As we all know décor is one of the biggest expenses for a wedding after the Venue. However, we can save hundreds to thousands of dollars, if we choose décor options wisely! A few things to think over:

  1. Fresh Flowers vs. Silk Flowers – Fresh flowers are extremely costly. For your mandap and reception staging, opt for silk flowers. Your guests will not notice the difference at all! The only place you SHOULD have fresh flowers is for your centerpieces during the reception!   

  2. Votive candles – Almost all of the venues out there provide votive candles and it’s already included in your contract. This eliminates the décor vendor from adding it into your package. Although this isn’t the biggest cost, any dollar we can save, helps!

  3. Chivari Chairs – Ask your venue if they provide these chairs already. You don’t need to rent them from your décor vendor as this can add up to a couple thousand dollars. If your venue doesn’t provide them, see if you can get a third party vendor to provide these for a smaller cost!

Wedding Signage

Unless you are trying to get crazy fancy with these welcome signs, I suggest making this into a fun DIY project with your Bridesmaids! Etsy has great options but they are overly priced. You can, however, refer to sites such as Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration. There are thousands of DIY videos online that might also be helpful for this project. Don’t forget to provide the Vino for your favorite helpers!

Save the Dates

With everyone having such a busy schedule, you certainly want to inform your guests to keep your wedding weekend available! However, it doesn’t need to be an expense on your end. Thankfully, there are hundreds of sites online that offer FREE electronic Save the Dates! All you need to do is to gather a list of your guests and their email to send these out. We live in a very tech savvy era and you can ensure that the guests will certainly receive these beautiful cards. You can customized them anyway you’d like, choose from thousands of designs!



Your guests LOVE good music! The DJ’s set the tone of your wedding. Everything from entrances to open dance floor, you NEED to have a talented DJ company that can provide quality of service and a once in a lifetime experience! When comparing DJ quotes, don’t go with a DJ that is providing the same services for $3k less. Also, don’t go with a DJ who’s charging a fortune. Find a good balance! DO YOUR RESEARCH! How long has the DJ been in the industry? How many weddings do they do in a weekend? What makes them so in demand? All of these things need to be considered before you sign. Remember, they can make or break your event!


Choosing the right venue is imperative! Avoid choosing a venue that does not provide staff, charges for things like holding rooms, and makes you feel ordinary. Your venue is the home of your wedding. You want your guests to feel comfortable, welcomed, and happy! Service is key! When you go venue shopping, bring a list of questions to ask! If you have to choose between two venues, make a list of pro’s and con’s for each of them and if that means you are spending an extra $10 pp for a venue that provides better service, then go for it! Your future self will thank you!

The biggest and probably the most significant part about wedding planning is budgeting. You want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Come up with a total amount of how much you want to spend and then break it down per each vendor. Allocate what you think is sufficient for each vendor. If you’re having difficulty with this, ASK YOUR WEDDING PLANNER!

Stay tuned for more information regarding budgeting in the next few weeks!